Schedule of SPD meetings

Schedule of talks on subsystems at the general SPD meetings (February – April 2019)

Main goal. Look at the status, formulate goals, work plans with time lines, and define what we aim to achieve for CDR by the end of September 2019.

Plan of the talk:

  • physics / detector task, general concept;
  • current status;
  • results to be achieved and included into CDR by 30.09.2019;
  • work plan for year 2019 with time line;
  • available / needed resources.

Talk duration: 30 min.

25 February

  • Test zone, A. Baldine, V. Ladygin

4 March

  • Muon (range) system, G.Alexeev

11 March

  • Physics. Prompt photons, A.Guskov

18 March

  • Vertex detector, N.Zamiatin

25 March

  • Track reconstruction, momentum measurement, V. Andreev

1 April

  • Detector structure and assembling, I.Moshkovsky

8 April

  • Physics. Drell-Yan pairs, A.Nagaytsev
  • Main tracker, T.Enik

15 April

  • T0 counter, beam-beam counters, local polarimetry, V.Ladygin, A. Baldine

22 April

  • Tagging station (Zero-degree calorimeter), S.Shimansky
  • Data acquisition system (DAQ), A.Koulikov

29 April

  • Physics. Generalized Parton Distributions, polarization phenomena at high Pt, other polarization phenomena, O.Teryaev
  • Physics. Heavy exotic quark-antiquark states, open charm, M.Barabanov

6 May

  • Magnetic system, A. Kovalenko
  • Physics. J/psi production, I. Denisenko

13 May

  • PID system for hadrons, A. Baldine (TBC)